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The Bargain thread!

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
tangowaggon wrote:
Awdbugga wrote:
tangowaggon wrote:
Some good deals at sports direct, just bought a Nevica Vail jacket for £50 list £199(yea right!) But still seems ok

Was it the bright orange one by any chance.? (in keeping with your forum name)

I nearly bought the bright orange one, but Mrs Awd veto’d it. Settled on a 20k grey and black one from Dare2B. I was sooo tempted by the orange Nevica one though.

Oh yes!

🤢 Jealous.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
For those who use Spikes Spider snowchains, or who are considering them, Amazon have some fairly impressive bargains in certain sizes (e.g. the XXL size reduced from £301.49 to £73.12) here:

Note that these prices are for the chains only and don't include the fixing kit which will cost new users the better part of £100. For those (like myself) going through a significant resizing of their existing chains, this seems to be a good way of picking up lots of spare bits quite cheaply even if the size you want isn't on offer. If you're not sure which bits you need for any size, the Roofbox company has a list of the components for each size.
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Just a copy and paste from my ski question thread:

"Sports Direct" are currently offering 20% off anything bought via their App until tomorrow. Some skis are overpriced (i.race) but some look good value. Might be worth it to someone

Orange Nevica Vail going for 41 now ....... (£5 delivery)
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