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French Guide Mathieu Maynadier has a lucky escape

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Know a few SnowHeads have skied with Mathieu on the OffPiste Bash and you maybe know that he one of the top French Climbers.

He helped me out this season when we found ourselves in a bit of a "pickle" in La Grave this past season.

He's now back in Briancon after a very lucky escape in Pakistan.

More here

And this from his FaceBook

Good morning to all, I've got a little glitch that's not too bad.
Two days ago when we had just made the top of our way I was hit in the head and arm not a tortie that fell. I have no memory of the accident but I was lower than the others doing a relay and they screamed but the stone came to me right on it. They found me unconscious hanging on the rope.... finally they managed to bring me back to the portaledge where he triggered relief that happened to him the next afternoon and I was able to be deposited at skardu hospital ' I'm getting away With a beautiful concussion and a damaged arm... I just arrived in Islamabad or I'm treated at cmh military hospital. Still a little under it but out of danger I should be repatriated in the next few days in briançon to do other exams.
A big thank you to @nicofavresse @_carlitosmolina @jeanlouiswertz who took me in the face and took care of me down in the night. From the bottom of the heart thank you you saved my life and didn't panic despite the circumstances.
A big thank you to the pakistani army who rescued me and treated me in his hospitals. A big thank you to @thomas spadoni and @pierre_de_pallon who responded to this all night in the face when I was unconscious to reassure and guide others finally a big thank you to shamil and @antoinepecher as well as the ffme that facilitated My evacuation and take care of my return to France.. Finally a big thank you to all of you for your messages that do good.
Now we're gonna have to get some rest before we go back to new adventures.
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