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For Sale: Haglofs Couloir Pro 3 - L - 28k Goretex

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Hi all,

Small clear-out pre-season. Offers considered.

£175 + P&P.

Haglofs Couloir Pro Goretex shell. Top of the line 3l Goretex freeride shell.

Here's a link to it when it was on sale at Sport Pursuit:

This one's been saved for special occasions, so it's not actually been worn a huge amount. A small bit of wear, a couple of tiny spot marks, but still in excellent condition. Definitely nothing frayed or worn through.

It's been washed and reproofed with Nikwax whenever it needed it, never with standard detergent.

Size Large fits me well with whatever layers I want underneath at average build 5'11.

Catalogue pic:

Pics of the jacket:

Pics of it on me so you can see what the fit is like:

This has kept me dry in anything up to and including torrential rain in Lauterbrunnen last season, when we had to be outside skiing on exams! I think I was the only one left dry, including the trainer. Selling because car needs new head gaskets, and if I can't get out there I can't use it anyway.
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