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Jan 13th (4 days) £278

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Any one want a short 4 day ski adventure in Modane (Valfrejus) from Sunday Jan 13th till Thursday Jan 17th

Flying into Geneva and then driving down in a hire car.

Its £278 each including, flights from Bournemouth, car hire (fuel and tolls), accommodation and the ski pass for 3 full days on the slopes, Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday.

Also included is snowboard and boot hire( its cheaper to hire than bring your own)

We have two need two more really, not a party time but a few beers in the evening would be great.[0][0]=1988-03-20&Participants[0][1]=1988-03-20&Participants[0][2]=1988-03-20&Participants[0][3]=1988-03-20&Allocation=1
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